Samstag, 23. Januar 2016

In the Northwestern ZAN-ZAN District of the Westfarican country IVORY COAST exists a City named NASSIAN situated in a department with same name NASSIAN DEPARTMENT. Available data are rare. 

Map of Zan Zan District in East Ivory Coast
Source : Wikipedia

Map of Nassian Department in East Ivory Coast
Source : Wikipedia

Map of City of Nassian in East Ivory Coast
Source : Wikipedia

The reported european colonization history of IVORY COAST / COTE DE IVORE mentions exclusively influence from Portugal and France. Interventions, Trade Posts or Settlements related to the House of Nassau and Oranien influence area in Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany are not cited. The name NASSIAN suggests a relationship to other "NASSAU" named sites in Westafrica, but the existence of interrelations should be proofed before that indication would be taken as fact.

East of ABIDJAN, the capital of Ivory Coast, in the Department Sud Comoe at the coastline towards Ghana exist two more settlements with phonetic name similarities like the before mentioned, ASSINIE and GRAND BASSAM. Also for these both name-similarities is valid the upside mentioned exclusion.

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